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Why Cougar Lubricants?

Investing in better performing, High Quality Lubricants can make your equipment more reliable by protecting your plant & vehicles and keeping them running longer and more efficiently.

Cougar Lubricants can save you money — through reducing friction, heat and wear, resulting in extended equipment life, less replacement parts, reduced maintenance downtime and less energy consumption.

Lubricants that don’t pound out, won’t wash out, that can handle extreme temperatures, high speeds, airborne contaminants, heavy loads!

We provide value, experience shows that Cougar Lubricants consistently deliver higher performance levels than “ordinary” lubricants! Maintenance and operating costs are reduced so the end user will recover the initial cost of the lubricant, many times over.

Bearing Grease

Crane Booms

Gear Oils

Hydraulic Oils

Compressor Oils

Rock Drill Oils

Turbine Oils

Slideway Oils

Engine Oils

Axle / Transmission Oils

Open Gear Lubricants

Chain Lubricants